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 The full interior details we offer insure that all components within the vehicle are closely looked after.  Unlike our competitors our interior fine detail incorporates steam to insure the highest quality of cleanliness while disinfecting!    Dash, door panels are dusted, wiped down and steamed.  Salt is removed from floored areas, carpets and mats.  Compartments are removed of dirt, garbage and thoroughly detailed.  Glassed areas and windows are completed in full.  Carpeted areas and mats are washed as required, vacuumed and steamed.  Seats and upholstery are steamed while minor stains are paid attention too.  We offer extraction for upholstery heavily stained.  Steam is blown through the vents to eliminate dust build up and disinfect.  The trunk area of the vehicle is also completed using some of these very same techniques.  Our full interior package is what you need to bring back the full potential of your lacking interior.  Detailed with minimal product, steam and by hand, guarantee we cover hundreds of interior areas you will never end up coming across.  Whether its your daily driver or collector wont be disappointed!