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Why Us??

As both individuals and customers there are specific categories that come up in our minds we feel are of importance when deciding on whether or not to choose them.  You may be thinking why us?? Well based on our success rate and customer feedback these are some of the reasons we believe it should be us!



  • We love what we do! We feel when providing services for our customers, passion out weighs everything else.  There is no substitute for working with individuals who truly have an interest in what they do. Never mind fancy websites, trickery, and broken promises experience Down&Dirty Detailing first hand.. we are backed by passion!


  •  When it comes to experience this is something that should not be overlooked.  Experience teaches valuable lessons overtime.  We have taken those lessons, learned from them and used everything from the past to perfect our craft for now and the future.   Before this was a job our experience was developed from passion.  The combined experience from our early years to the years of a legit business gives us something special to offer you.  Now no matter what the car and who the customer we use this formula to offer the highest of quality in all our services..there are levels to everything!  

Customer Service

  • Customer service, a valuable  trait for both you and us.  I think everyone wants to deal with individuals who are knowledgeable, accommodating, fair and good in what they wont turn a blind eye as soon as they receive the business.  We truly enjoy the relationships we've established with our clients through customer service.  In many cases many of our clients are now good friends and repeat customers.  From the beginning you can insure we will do our best to make sure your satisfied and we've done everything we can to the best of ability.  Make the phone call or come in person to say hi! Regardless will spend the time to answer your questions in honesty and insure your comfortable moving forward. We also educate so you will be able to weigh your options and go into the process with a better understanding of what were providing.  Don't know much about specific product, processes, maintenance or your options? We got you covered!


  • We are accommodating people and business owners.  Giving all of our customers an equal opportunity to experience the quality of work and services we provide is our goal!  Even with being as busy as we are a conscious effort is made to schedule you in with an appointment that works for you.  Over the years we have worked with a variety of peoples, schedules, pickup/dropoff times, locations and pretty much everything to see we book them in.  Want something specific? Custom packages? We do that too! Don't be afraid to ask..were used to putting together various packages that meets your needs all with being fair and reasonable.   


  • In our eyes the location and its image speaks volumes.  For us location is our pride and joy!  We want our customers to feel comfortable leaving there vehicle with us and with trust..our location reflects this.  Not only was our business image developed by us but so was the entire Down & Dirty location.  Our place of work was totally demolished, designed and constructed with our very own minds and hands over the course of several years.  Everything you see when you enter our location came from us.  The passion is instilled around your vehicle from the moment you bring it in.  We are extremely proud to offer our customers a place of comfort, hospitality, cleanliness and quality workmanship.  There should be no doubt in your mind when you walk through those doors that these guys should be the right ones no matter what the job!     


  • Just because you been in business for a duration of time that doesn't necessarily mean you have the proper knowledge to get the job done right! Knowledge has to be at a high caliber if you want to be good at what you do.  We put countless hours in making sure we understand the products we sell, the equipment we use, the most efficient effective way to work the job and pass on this information to you.