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Company Mission:

To provide our valued customers with a full-range of affordable automotive detailing services conveniently delivered at their location of choice. We will provide such services using only high quality products and by exercising the utmost in care while working on our customer’s vehicles.  We strive for excellence and to establish a long-term trusting relationship with our customers. 


   Our Story

 The Beginning

Before our vision of starting a business became reality; vehicle maintenance, detailing and customization was a family hobby that transcended several generations.  Growing up as kids, we were fortunate enough to have been exposed to many beautiful cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats.  The investment that our family made in these items made us appreciate the fact that ongoing maintenance was important, not only to maintain value, but also to fully appreciate the results of your hard work.  Our on-going exposure to maintenance and our practice of doing things properly the first time has contributed greatly to our reputation of maintaining extremely high standards and our focus to detail. 


Throughout the years our passion for cars evolved while our knowledge and skills developed.  Over the years, we have worked in numerous automotive detailing establishments ranging from franchises to prestige car dealerships.  Our past combined experiences along with the fact that automobiles have always been a family passion contributed to our drive to establish our company now years ago .  Our focus remains on providing superior customer service and we strive to use best practices with everything that we do. 


The years approaching 2013 were valuable ones.  We often passed on maintenance tricks and tips to our surrounding circle and were able to show case our passion through personal vehicles.  Many individuals expressed that our attention to vehicle up-keep was simply unheard of.  Who would take the time to wash a car in the rain or a boat while anchored at an island when relaxing was supposed to be priority?  Or, who would detail their engine bay or vehicle undercarriage after driving their car just a few times even though it was not exposed to rain?  While others consider this a hassle, time consuming or unnecessary, for us it’s a passion and a lifestyle.  We take pride in protecting our investments and are fortunate enough to help our customers do the same. 


In 2012 and early 2013, we considered purchasing several detailing related businesses.  After endless research and reviews, we came to the conclusion that these companies were not the right option for us.  There were just too many issues to overcome and the businesses did not fit our vision.  Towards the end of 2012, we decided to take a leap of faith and start our new business adventure.  Although we loved our jobs, we felt that it was time to take the plunge.  We have never doubted that decision! 

Down and Dirty Detailing was established in June of 2013 by two brothers sharing the same passion and drive.  Our vision revolves around offering affordable services focused on the customer and convenience.  We do not want to be known as just another detailing shop.  We want to be versatile, without restricting ourselves to certain vehicle types.  Most importantly, to strive for excellence in everything we do.  Passion has been the fuel behind our commitment to perfection and attention to detail.  We continue to grow as a business and are grateful to our family, friends and wonderful customers that put their trust in us and allow us to follow our dream. 
                  DOWN & DIRTY DETAILING               



We Provide Services for...

 Daily drivers and Late Model Vehicles

Collector and Vintage vehicles

Exotics, Supercars and Custom vehicles 

Auction Cars

Car Collections and Show Cars

Trucks and SUV’s

Dealership New and Used Vehicles

Body Shop Vehicles

Work Trucks, Rigs and Fleets

Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATV's and Scooters

Private Coach Buses, Campers and RV's

Limousines and Chauffeur vehicles

Boats, Seadoos, JetSkis and other Watercrafts

Transportation and Storage Trailers