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 All our exterior washes are completed on the vehicle by hand with specialized wash gloves to insure a proper and complete safe wash. Unlike our competitors or your local car wash, we do not use generic brushes or super high PSI that inflect damage on the vehicle’s clear coat and paint thus causing fine scratches and swirl marks.  Door jams are washed and wiped down.  Wheels are addressed and tires dressed.  We use some of the best soaps to insure a safe and effective wash without discoloring plastics, chrome or harming paint.  When it comes to paint correction and protection the level of quality in products and detail remains the same.  Our clay bar, compound, polish, wax , sealant and or coating stages consists of some of the best product on the market so you can be confident your vehicle receives full potential results.  Be sure to inquire about our ceramic coatings for ultimate vehicle protection!